Four seasons exist in Japan.

Therefore, the fish that can be caught differs depending on the

To give a specific example, we can catch red sea breams well from  
spring to autumn.

But in winter, the activity is low and you can not fish.

It is said that yellowtail of Honshu and Kyushu goes up to Hokkaido
in summer and travels to the vicinity of Sakhalin, and it will return 
Honshu and Kyushu along with a drop in water temperature by late

The yellowtail at this time is called “Modori-Buri” ,the yellowtail is
   covered with fat, and is deliciously delicious)

In addition, depending on the atmospheric pressure arrangement
such as typhoons and rainy seasons, summer winds in the southeast,
and wind in the northwest in the winter depending on the season, weathering may occur and you may not be able to go fishing.

In particular, we need to be careful about lightning strikes during summer‘s guerrilla heavy rains.

In Japan, several lightning strikes may occur each year, and especially for fishing rods, there are many carbon products, so lightning often falls.

When lightning approaches, you need to be careful as it may be so severe that you will not be able to hold the rod. 

In spring, the difference in temperature between day and night is still large around March to April, and even if it gets hot in the day, the night often gets very cold and it is often necessary to wear a winter clothes.

In addition, the sea temperature is the lowest in April of the year, and the movement of fish is often sluggish, so it is not easy to fish.

The temperature of the sea is generally said to be about three months later than the temperature of the land, and the water temperature is sometimes warm even in January-February when the land becomes the coldest.

It has gradually been summer since May, and it will be hot.
In particular, since it tends to be heatstroke from this time, appropriate hydration is needed.

As full-scale summer will come after July, it is essential to take measures to prevent sunburn and take measures against heatstroke.

The fall of September to November is the best season for fish and people as it is said to be the best season for fishing.

It may be cool, even with short-sleeved shirts, but as winter approaches, it may become colder and winter clothes is essential.

In most areas, however, it is necessary to have winter clothing depending on the day, as it often gets cold gradually from around October.

Especially in Hokkaido, since it is hot in the daytime from late September and the night is often cold, winter clothes is essential.

It will be rather cold from October to March.

Especially from December until the beginning of March, it‘s winter season.

When going fishing, everyone will wear their own firm winter clothes and so on.

In addition, anglers of Hokkaido often go fishing even during the winter near minus 20 degrees.

If you want to experience fishing in such a cold, please purchase a firm winter clothes.

Caution: If you don’t wear firm winter clothes because it will cause frostbite.

Wear is different in Hokkaido and Kyushu, and winter clothing in Kyushu may have a small amount of cotton and may be thin.

On the other hand,the winter clothing exclusively for Hokkaido has an increased amount of cotton and is very warm.

Also, winter boots are unique to Hokkaido, and Mouton winter boots are often worn.

However, what you have to pay attention to in Hokkaido is that the ground freezes and slips.

There are many people who slip their feet on the frozen ground and fall into the sea every year, and there are many people who suffer serious injuries, so be careful especially when you want to fish in Hokkaido in winter.

As usual in Japan, life jackets are essential when going fishing.

There are two types of life jackets, and when fishing from land, the game vest with foamy buoyancy material inside.

If fishing from a boat, an inflatable life jacket is required.

In addition, in fishing of the boat, should be taken care the inflatable lifejacket is not anything you want, and you will be refused to go on board unless it conforms to the standard (product of TYPE-A).

Because life jackets can be rented by boat, you can enjoy fishing without any particular effort.

You maybe think that Fishing from shore does not require the use of a lifejacket.

If you fall from the embankment, then if you do not wear a life jacket, you will die, so you should wear it.

In particular, it is recommended to use the life jackets of mazume product, which is easy to use and has a large storage capacity, as there is no string passing through the crotch as compared to the life jackets in general.