Division Month Features
Spring March
〇From March to April, depending on the day, there are still cold days, so winter clothes are required
○ There are many sweating days in May, and there are days when the temperature rises as in summer.
〇 Many fish such as yellowtail, white kingfish and red sea bream are spawning at this time, so large fish can be caught easily.
Summer June
○ Temperature is high, attention to heat stroke and sunburn, hydration is necessary
○ Dorado, bonito, yellowfin tuna come to go.
○ Since groupers come to shore for spawning, large fish are easy to aim.
Autumn September

○ September is still hot, but it will be cool after October, and there will be plenty of great fishing weather.
〇 Depending on the year, many typhoons occur and you can not go fishing often.
〇 Almost all fish start to store nutrients for winter, so the best season fish can be caught and the season is delicious .
Winter December

〇 Depending on the area, frostbite may occur if sufficient cold protection measures are not taken. (in Hokkaido)
○ Depending on the day, the sea temperature is low and there are days when the activity of the fish is bad, so there are times when you can not fish.
〇 Some fish may lose their smell and taste delicious because they may not eat animal food in winter.