As mentioned above, the fish that can be caught differs depending on the region of Japan.

The map is an example.
Hokkaido and Kyushu are particularly recommended as the recommended areas in this area.

The reason why Hokkaido is recommended is that the fish you can catch is delicious, and the number and size can be fished.

In particular, in the area of Tomakomai’s offshore fishing in areas where Hokkaido, representing fat greenling and black rock fish, is about a 30-minute drive south of Chitose Airport, extra-large sizes can be caught, coolers can be full, and be fed up with this situation.

In addition, in Kushiro in the eastern part of Hokkaido, you can catch more numbers and sizes

The type of fish that can be fished is cod, but when it can be fished, it can catch 200 kg or more, which is quite exciting.

The main reason why Kyushu is recommended is that there are many big fish.

There are many huge fish such as the red sea bream and yellowtail that are familiar to Japanese people, kingfish, which is popular in recent years with top water games, and blue fin tuna, which is a favorite fish of the Japanese.

In addition, not only giant fish, but the number and type of fish are also greater than in other areas, so diverse guests can catch and never get bored.

Especially recommended among Kyushu are Nagasaki Prefecture and Fukuoka Prefecture (Kitakyushu City).

Nagasaki Prefecture is famous as a fishing field, as there are no fishing people don’t know in Japan.

There are various places such as Nagasaki City and Hirado Island, Gotou Islands, etc., but the access from the airport in the prefecture is relatively easy because the expressway is maintained.

It is an ideal place to go for the big game, either from the ship or from the shore.

If possible, it is recommended to enjoy fishing to aim at a large scale blackfish , black sea bream from the crossing rocky shore, or enjoy shore jigging to aim at a yellowtail and kingfish by throwing away metal jigs, etc.

If you challenge this fishing, you get to be addicted.

In addition, fishing called Egging which aims at big fin reef squid  is popular with anglers, we called them eginger carries out this fishing to any embankment and rocky shore in Nagasaki.

On the other hand, fishing from boat is popular in Fukuoka Prefecture, especially in Kitakyushu city.

Fishing from the boat, fishing mainly with lures is popular with jigging and tai-rubber.

In particular, jigging called “off-sharo” is popular for fishing using a very light metal jig, which is improved so that anyone can freely fish what is called offshore jigging.

However, just because you use a small lure, you can not catch only small fish.

Some of the fish that can be fished are near-kilometers, such as yellowtail, kingfish, yellowfin tuna, etc.

It is a thrilling game that you can interact with each other by using thin devices and soft rods, and you can enjoy thrill games.

In addition, tai-rubber is even easier than the above-mentioned jigging, and it is just like magic fishing that fish can be caught simply by winding a lure.

In this fishing, once the lure is attached to the seabed, immediately wind the reel 10 to 20 meters from the bottom and repeat it to fish.

The fish hit this roll, and in particular, it was named “tai-rubber” because it can catch a lot of sea bream in this fishing.