The offshore of Kushiro is a fishing spot that is very impressive because many big fish live.

In particular, there are many large-sized pacific cod(madara) and large-sized gray rockfish(aozoi) that are the best to eat,

it is a fishing spot often filled with cooler tanks (2-3 pieces).

When you can fish,this size can be caught together.

Offshore of Kushiro, you can catch gray rockfish , pacific cod and black rockfish throughout the year, and you can catch salmon, cherry salmon, mackerel, squid, etc. depending on the season.

At this fishing spot, jigging, tai-rubber and inchiku are not very popular.

The reason is that angler can catch many fish one time, so it is more efficient to fish with a lot of hooks.

Yellow body rockfish(catch eight fishes)
Gray rockfish and cod
The yellow one is gray rockfish.

The detailed tackle is introduced in the article of Oki Gomoku.

In this sea area, the weight is No.250 gou(about 1kilogram), and the major mechanism is to use manufactory-made products.

The most efficient mechanism is to use pink or red tape.

A mechanism that showed great effects offshore of Kushiro

In addition, this mechanism does not use discarded line.

The reason for this is that if you raise the height of discarded line, it will pass through the fish range.

Fish in Hokkaido are only rockfish and flock near the bottom.

Tara jigging is a particularly popular fishing offshore of Kushiro.

Tara jig and 8 kilogram over cod
Tara jig has a needle with large eyes.
Small eyes are above(top).
(This point is connected main line.)
The color of the tako(octopus) bait is important and using bad one may not bi caught at all.

This fishing is also called yo-yo fishing, and if you slowly move the rod up and down slowly, the rod will be squeezed together with a large thread dander.

This is very exciting.

In particular, in November, cod is not only large, but also has a delicious cod sperm sack to eat.

It is 3000 yen (about 30 dollar) per kilogram

In addition, even in the severe cold season of January (minus two digits),anglers go  this fishing , and surprisingly the fishing results go up even in the very cold season like the end of January.

However, be careful not to take cold protection, as it will cause frostbite.

It is daily occurrence that freezes like this.
Gray rockfish that was hit in the cold season,and this fish is the most delicious.

In this way, you can catch a lot of big fish throughout the year, and the people living in Kushiro are all kind and friendly people.

The scenery of the town is somewhere like the Showa era, so it is my favorite city in Hokkaido.

There are a lot of Class B gourmets that are very delicious.

Kushiro’s recommended boats are especially famous for ship of Kaisoumaru and ship of Haneimasru and for all other boats, there are only human captains.

If you are planning a fishing trip to Hokkaido, Kushiro is definitely a place to go.

Fisherman’s Wharf at the mouth of the Kushiro River.

The night is lit up and it is very beautiful. ship of Kaikoumaru and ship of Haneimaru are moored on the opposite bank.

A sushi restaurant I would like to recommend if you visit to Hokkaido.

Nagoyakatei is based in Kushiro, is reasonably priced.

Moreover, since the material uses local material, you can eat rare halibut, so it is highly recommended.