Buoyant Lifejacket
(Mazume Red Moon Best)

Inflatable life jacket
Division Features

Buoyant material

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○ Even if water falls in a rocky area such as rocky shore, the buoyancy material will not be damaged and will not sink.
〇When fishing from the shore, there are many pockets for putting tools in the vest itself, which is convenient for maneuverability
● Buoyant materials lose their buoyancy in about 5 years, causing problems in their function.
This is the same even when be flooded  for long hours

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〇 Light and easy to move.
〇 There is no loss of buoyancy even with long-term drifting.
● If used on rocky shore or embankment, it will be damaged and lose its buoyancy when it touches rocks or oysters. (Be careful to use other than ship)
● When used on a ship, it is prohibited to use by law except for Conformance A. (For securing safety)
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