Originally, Alaska pollock is treated as an unorthodox target, but from December to January every year, it will be promoted to the main target .Because of very delicious roe and milt.

In this fishing, the cooler is usually full.

Anglers use mechanism called “dou-duki-shikake”.

You can use any type of mechanism, such as cherry salmon fly or souhachi-sabiki etc.

You can catch with this mechanism , but you can use any mechanism.

Anglers usually use the tackle of “oki-gomoku” fishing.

For details, please refer to the article of “oki-gomoku-fishing”.

In particular, there is no characteristic as a fishing method, and if you drop it on the instruction depth from the captain, you will immediately hit .

It’s okay to wait for next hit, but it’s a prerequisite that you don’t disturb others.

As an unorthodox target, barfin flounder often hits, and rarely lucky people hit cherry salmon.

It is not that the larger ones are better, but the smaller ones have roe shaped better.

Large roe do not seem to be bad because they have watery things and they do not easily soak in the taste.

The roe on the left is from the big pollock underneath.
The roe on the right is from a small pollock.

It is easy to catch, but it is hard to cook.

Because even if you fish modestly, you can easily get over 50 fish.

The pollock at this period is mainly roe and milt, but the body is also delicious, so it is best to fry it.

I think that this fishing is the best fishing for those who like to eat roe .

However, beware of suffering from gout.

The main fishing spot is off the coast of Tomakomai.

At this time, the large black rockfish increased, and many people initially secure the pollock and secondary secure black rockfish.

This fishing is limited period fishing , but everybody can catch many fish and can eat deliciously.

One of recommend fishing of Hokkaido.